The Accuracy of Dick Goddard, Meteorologist for WJW Fox 8 in Cleveland Ohio

The Experiment:  For two weeks, we compared the five-day forecasts of four Cleveland, Ohio area meteorologists to the actual weather.   More Details

Dick Goddard
Name:Dick Goddard
Channel:WJW Fox 8
Technology:Storm FOX Radar
Forecast Source:

The chart below displays the high temperatures predicted by
Dick Goddard (in dark blue).
Actual high temperatures appear in purple.

Dick Goddard Predicted Highs vs. Actuals

Average Error

Average Absolute Error

Like all our other forecasters, Dick Goddard was a little too pessimistic about these two weeks of high temperatures in Cleveland Ohio. This can be forgiven, though, as it has been unseasonably warm (thankfully!) this March.

As far as average error, Dick was only beaten by Mark Nolan, who had the unfair advantage of no data for Friday the 15th, which was every other forecaster's worst day. (See Mark's page for more information about the lack of data for the 15th.)

From the chart above, you can see that Dick's forecasts do track the actual high temperatures very well, except for Fridays, which seem to be his worst days. Advice: You can trust Dick Goddard when he says it will be 41 degrees tomorrow; when he starts telling you about the highs next week, though, plan to catch an up-to-date report in a few days just in case.

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