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Grand Theft Auto 3 let us live out all our sociopathic fantasies from the comfort of home. Even better, each baseball bat beatdown, each adrenaline-filled run from the law in a bomb-laden car was accompanied by a kick-ass soundtrack.

I loved the music from GTA3 and searched in vain for a CD soundtrack. I never found one, but tracked down most of the music from other sources. So you don't have to spend a lot of time doing the same thing, I've compiled here all the info I found on the music of Grand Theft Auto 3. Enjoy!

Music from Grand Theft Auto 3

Flashback FM
I'm a child of the 80's, and I have to admit this was my favorite station. All the songs on this station were culled from the Scarface movie soundtrack.
The Scarface movie soundtrack is available on
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GTA3 contains a few other references to the movie Scarface as well. "You want the chainsaw, gringo?"
If you're interested, the Scarface DVD is available on, too. It's a great flick.
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Call me a lamer, but I had never heard of the music style "dub" before I started playing Grand Theft Auto. Lamer or not, I was schooled by Horace "the Pacifist" Walsh and have since picked up several Scientist CDs.
If you're looking for the music tracks from GTA3, you want the album Scientist Rids The World Of The Curse Of The Evil Vampires
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These tracks have been a little bit harder to find. I was able to find albums by Omni Trio and Aquasky that have tracks from the game, though. Remember, Rockstar's development is based in England, so these CDs are imports.
For more information on all the artists, check out There is a ton of info there.

Game FM
"...rhyme till I can't rhyme no more ... burn till I can't burn no mo' ... I'm the King!" Admit it, you sing along, too.
For information on all the Game artists, check out You may notice their logo looks familiar...

Head Radio and Lips Radio
If the song Change was a real single, I would buy it today. As far as I know though, the music on these two stations is spoof pop and has never been released. If you know different, please please please let me know.

According to my Rockstar newsletter, all the music from the expansion/sequel Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be compiled in a box set, available at the same time as the game is released! This makes putting together a site like this for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City a whole lot easier :)
Order the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Box Set or check out my Music from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City page for all the info!

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